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The EFLECH and INDEX programs have no limitations. You should not use this programs after March 2011. Index at level 5.1.6 has successfully passed a set of 17 test examples consisting of In all cases, the default values for ignore= were in usage. The whole set takes 26h 53min on a 3.0GHz Phenom II PC (4 threads in use).

Licence Conditions

  1. Use the programs at your own risk.

  2. Using the programs is not allowed after March 2011.

  3. For any questions, mailto

  4. A full licence is included into the packages.

  5. If results achieved with EFLECH/INDEX are to be published, please see here for a paper appropriate for citation.

Installation instructions

Download the appropriate program files and the data files (''). Create a directory 'rietveld' in the root of a volume (e.g. c:). Then unzip the program files and the data files into this directory. Append this directory to the path. Set the environment variable EFLECH to the program directory:
Now you are ready to run EFLECH/INDEX.

It is recommended to create separate subdirectories for each analytical task (e.g. c:\rietveld\k2cr2o7) and to run all programs from these subdirectories. These subdirs should contain the control file (*.sav), the measuring data file (*.val, *.rd, *.raw) and the instrumental function file (*.geq/*.ger).

Actual Release is 5.1.8

Download area

The Linux example includes the binary *.geq file for Intel processors. It may not be used on other UNIX systems.